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Everyone Believed Her. I Had No Voice.

You’re not the only one who’s been falsely accused or convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Read about others who’ve walked in your shoes, and find tips and information that can help you face legal trouble.

Sexual assault is a horrendous crime, and people are rightfully appalled when a crime like this occurs. However, accusing someone of a crime such as this when it’s untrue should be equally appalling. Movements such as #MeToo started out with good intentions, but ultimately these movements incentivize people to make false claims against innocent people.

One criminal lawyer in Fort Worth agrees that not every person accused of a sexual crime is guilty of the crime of which they’re accused, and that all people have a right to a fair defense. 

There has been evidence that shows that false claims are often made because the “victim” is motivated to destroy the person they are accusing of a sexual crime. The “victim” knows that even a hint of sexual abuse is enough to annihilate a person’s reputation and future.

Today’s Story: Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

Today’s story comes from a man who was falsely accused of sexual assault. He reported to Legal Reform Now that he never committed a sexual assault against his former girlfriend and mother of his child. However, the woman was concerned that the court was going to give him shared custody of their child, and she was fearful of losing the child support payments he was giving her. 

This motivated her to file a false report of sexual assault against him. He felt he had no voice, and everyone automatically believed the accusations to be true. He lost friends, and even some of his family turned on him. He managed to hold onto his job, but some of his coworkers gave him a lot of side eye. 

In addition, he did not get shared custody of his child, because family court takes these accusations very seriously. He is still dealing with the fallout of being falsely accused of such a serious crime. Luckily, he got a lawyer who was able to help him get the charges dismissed and exposed his ex for the liar that she is. 

Unfortunately, people who make false accusations don’t always receive their just desserts. 

Moral of the story: no one should ever be convicted of a crime without evidence, and people who make false claims should be held accountable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to discourage others from making these types of false claims.

How These Stories Help People Like You

Legal Reform Now believes that everyone has a story to share, that not everyone is guilty when they are accused of a crime. While we believe that those who commit crimes should be punished, there should be no doubt that the person is guilty when the punishment is doled out. 

All too often, people are found guilty in the court of public opinion long before they’ve ever had their day in court. We want to change the conversation so that people aren’t so quick to judge everyone who’s been accused of a crime.

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