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The Story of Someone Falsely Accused of a Theft Crime in Texas

You’re not the only one who’s been falsely accused or convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Read about others who’ve walked in your shoes, and find tips and information that can help you face legal trouble.

Today’s story comes from the Lone Star State. This is a tale of a man falsely accused of a theft crime. This false accusation turned his life upside down, and he even had to turn to a criminal defense attorney in Dallas in order to get his life straightened out.

What Happened?

Our friend, who we will call “Texas Cowboy,” was rooming with a buddy in Dallas, Texas, while attending school at Mountain View College. He and his friend were slowly growing apart. His roommate didn’t wash the dishes, didn’t pick up after himself, and kept leaving the front door unlocked after stumbling home drunk from college parties. 

Texas Cowboy was getting sick of his former friend’s behavior, so one day he left his roommate passed out on the couch with the door unlocked, just the way the roommate had left it. Apparently, later on, while Texas Cowboy was in class, someone snuck into the apartment and stole some expensive equipment. The roommate’s PlayStation, television set, and other electronics were among the stolen items. 

When the roommate finally woke up from his drunken stupor, he realized a theft had occurred. He immediately assumed that Texas Cowboy had done it because they’d been growing increasingly hostile toward each other during the school year. Police were called, Texas Cowboy was arrested, and he had to fight his way out of this mess.

How His Life Was Impacted

Texas cowboy went to jail for two nights due to the false accusation. He had to hire a lawyer, nearly lost his job, and suffered extreme embarrassment.

What Could Have Happened Had He Been Convicted

If Texas Cowboy had been convicted, he could have received a state jail felony on his record, because the value of the items stolen was over $1,500. He could have gone to state jail and been forced to pay his roommate restitution for the items stolen. 

Thank goodness that Texas Cowboy didn’t sign the plea agreement prosecutors were attempting to coerce him into signing. He lawyered up and was able to get out of this situation due to lack of evidence against him. Not everyone is smart enough to fight against false accusations, unfortunately.

The Final Verdict

Sometimes people are accused of terrible crimes they didn’t commit. The public often rushes to judgment, assuming that the person is guilty. In the past, everyone had the assumption of innocence before conviction, but not these days. These days, the mere hint of criminal conduct or questions of immoral behavior mean that you’re guilty. 

People are often treated poorly by the police, the prosecutor’s office, and even the judge. No one deserves to be treated this way. Luckily, things worked out for our Texas friend in the end, but it’s likely he will never want another roommate again.

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