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Relationships Can Be Tough: Going to Jail for a Domestic Dispute

Being falsely accused of a crime is a terrible position to be in. Read stories of others who’ve suffered greatly due to false reporting.

People can be accused of crimes that they didn’t commit for a variety of reasons. For example, if you are in a store when it’s being robbed, someone might accuse you of robbing the store even though you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes, people are so eager to find someone guilty, they don’t always stop to make sure they’ve got the right person.

There are many reasons that people falsely accuse others of criminal behavior, but one of the main reasons has to do with domestic relationship issues. It’s actually common for one spouse to accuse the other spouse of crimes simply to get their way in the relationship. For instance, one spouse might claim the other is using drugs so they can win custody of the kids.

Can You Defend Yourself Against False Charges?

Are you considering defending yourself against criminal charges? This is possible, but a lawyer can help you to make your case. They can assist you in showing that the other party who is accusing you of a crime has an agenda. If the other party has something to gain from you going to jail or getting charged with a crime, it’s a good indicator that the case should be examined closely.

Couples fight all the time, and sometimes one accuses the other of physical violence. One of our readers reported that he actually went to jail for a domestic argument because his significant other stated that he had assaulted her. He reports that he never did any such thing, and the charges were eventually dropped, but the damage had already been done. 

Many people never looked at him the same way, believing that he might have harmed the woman he was in a relationship with. Others have even lost their job because of false accusations.

Have You Gone to Jail for a Domestic Dispute?

If you’ve experienced something similar to what one of our readers went through, just remember that you have rights and options. You can fight against criminal charges and win.

Revealing the Real Harm Caused by Fake Accusations

People are sometimes charged with crimes they didn’t commit, and they are negatively affected by the charge. Even when they aren’t convicted of the crime, they could suffer the consequences of an accusation. The person who made a false report can be charged with the crime of false reporting.

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